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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review: Storm Front

By Dan Spiers

Storm Front is part action novel, part suspense mystery. It’s about a wizard named Harry Dresden in modern-day Chicago that struggles to work as a private investigator and as a consultant for the Chicago police department. Storm Front jumps right into the action with Dresden receiving a phone call from a woman who wants to hire Harry to locate her husband. Immediately after the call, the Chicago Police hire Dresden to investigate an unnaturally gruesome murder. After seeing the crime scene, on his way home, Harry is harassed by Gentleman Johnny Marcone, local crime lord. If that’s not enough, Dresden also has to contend with drug running, black magic, dark rituals, talking skulls, seductive vampires, and a council of wizards watching Harry’s every move.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review: Dark Cloud

Once I had a game called Dark Cloud as a matter of fact I still do,well I started playing this game for a While and trust me this game was like really hard super hard but you know what I hated the most,no well ill tell you.Ok so the sword you have on dark cloud it has a limit if you well Actually you have Multiple Swords in this game its like an Rpg kinda game……. Ya im a nerd kinda well Anyway if you fight for to long with out Repairing it, it breaks and Personally I think that really sucks cat nip like seriously why and the dude your playing as he gets thirsty all the time so you have to bring food&water with you Every freakin where which is stupid as crap hes like a Wimp like Seriously oh im off topic well I really did just want to talk about the swords lol…. Well that’s really all ok then :D am I Aloud to put a Smiley face there I hope I am to late now lol.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

By Karina G.

This is about a group of six flying-human kids that are trying to save their youngest flock member. Max is the leader and is fourteen; Fang is the second in command and is also fourteen; then comes Iggy who also is fourteen and is blind but has a sensitive hearing and sense of touch; Nudge comes next. She is from an African descent and is a nonstop 12-year old chatter mouth; she can also decode passwords to computers and things that have passwords. After Nudge is The Gasman. He is eight and is known for his name since he was born with a strange digestive problem. He and Iggy are best friends; they can make bombs out of almost anything! After The Gasman finally comes Angel. Angel is six and she and The Gasman are the only true-blooded siblings out of the whole flock. She can read minds, control minds, and breath underwater.