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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Teen Advisory Board FAQ

What is the TAB?

The Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is a group of teenagers that work to make the library a better place for teens. You can read our mission statement here.

When/where does TAB meet?

TAB meets every other Wednesday from 7:00 - 8:00 PM in the program room of Martin Library.

What are the age requirements?

You can be any age from 13-18.

How many people are TAB members?

There are roughly twenty members at the moment.

What is a meeting like?

At the meetings we discuss plans for upcoming events, and share our ideas and opinions on what should be done for teen programming (which we help to plan).

Is there FOOD?

Yep - plenty of snacks and soda.

What has TAB done so far?

We've planned two Youth Empowerment Summits and the Teen Summer Reading Program and Teen Read Week. We also plan all monthly programs for teens, help with programs for kids, help pick books for the teen fiction and graphic novel collection, shelve books, help every department of the library with paperwork, and run a toy drive for Toys for Tots.

Why should I join the TAB?

Because it's fun! The people are friendly, the food is good, and you get to tell people what you think the library should do for teens. And hey, it'll look good on a college application to say you were an active member of the Teen Advisory Board of Martin Memorial Library.

Who should I contact if I'm interested?

You can contact our advisor, Clio Hathaway, by sending an e-mail to chathaway@yorklibraries.org, or by calling 846-5300 ext. 246. Also, to reach the Teen Forum at Martin Library call 846-5300 ext. 238.

Can I still write for the Slant even if I can't make it to TAB meetings?

Yes, anyone can submit material to the Slant, even if they're not a member of TAB.

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