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Monday, September 21, 2009

Essay: All About Jokes

by Issac M.

“Classic”, “Funny”, and “L.O.L” are types of things people say when they are laughing. Laugh is what happens when you hear a really funny joke or when an everyday situation turns out to be funny. Things like joke’s, and cuts make people laugh. There are different types of jokes people use to make other people laugh.

Some jokes are called cuts, this is when a person is using someone else’s personal situations, insecurities, or image to make other people laugh. Sometimes this will result in hurting people’s feelings but normally the joker could care less, like way less, and most of the time the person being talked about isn’t around.
Sometimes cuts can really hurt peoples feeling making you lose friends or acquaintances. Or you can use it to faze your enemies and make them feel bad.

So now you know about how jokes can make your day but destroy someone else’s. This is Isaac M. with the monthly Bobel. Inspired by moe-dron-dron.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Game Review: Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Condemned 2: bloodshot is based of on-going events that are natural and supernatural. The protagonist Ethan who is a drunk and a former FBI is one to part taken in these natural, supernatural events as he regroups with his former partner Angel Rosa to investigate the murder of Malcolm Vanhorn the uncle of the SKX (serial killer X). SKX is Ethan’s nemesis is the murderer of his uncle Malcolm. In the game you have to use your knowledge as well as the equipment given you such a UV light, a GPS, and an ultra sound detector. The game now produces the new environmental weapons such as iron pipes, electric conductors, toilet seats, bowling balls and more. The game play is fun and very interactive as for the story line, I kind of get lost and had to really pay attention or even replay the levels just to get some knowledge of the plotting. I didn’t play condemned: criminal origins so I really didn’t know but when I played condemned 2 I was able to pick from the first game even though I have never played it. The downfall in the game is that in every level it’s basically the same thing, you start talking to someone then you have to solve and record a crime scene then while you try to go to another level you run into the same hobo bad guys and weird black things. Overall the game is fun and enjoyable, though I think the game is like those type of game you would beat once then stop playing unless you were bored.