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Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Sisterhood Of the Traveling Pants 2" review by Jocelyn H.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2!

Directed by: Sanaa Hamri

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is so much easier to understand if you’ve read the books or seen the first movie. The movie has 4 main characters who each of us can relate to in some way.
First there’s Lena, the shy but beautiful artist who’s spending her summer at art school after her ex-boyfriend gets married. She ends up drawing a male model in the nude and falling in love with him!

Next, there’s Carmen, who ends up going to Yale, she’s a writer and she likes to work behind the scenes. She spends her summer attending a theater camp and ends up getting the lead role in the show!!!! On top of that she has a pregnant mom.
The 3rd girl of the foursome is Bridget, Bridget seemed sportier in the first movie but the second one shows a whole other side of her. Bridget starts her summer in Turkey on an Archeological dig. She ends up finding some old letters from her grandma and goes to visit her to find out about her past.

The last character is my favorite, Tibby! Tibby is a film student. She failed because she was supposed to write a romantic comedy and her two characters broke up. She’s miserable at her job working in a video store. Tibby’s main story in the movie is her relationship issues.

The main thing that keeps them all together over the summer is a pair of jeans. Which fit all four of them perfectly and then get stolen by Lena’s little sister. I thought the movie was ok! Some of it I thought was a bit unrealistic. Teenage girls don’t always act that way. The ending wasn’t too fabulous. Although, I wouldn’t regret watching it! The movie was probably a 7 out of 10!

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Absent Tonight: A Poem by Anthony W.

Absent Tonight – by Anthony w.

My mind is blank.
Empty as the halls
the desert,
the falls.
not a thought passes by
in a second
or on a dime.
It stays blank til the end of time

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tailed Fox vs snake by Darro C.

Coffee Corner by Darro C.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Poem: In the Belly of the Beast

by Becca L.

My breath comes only in gasps now.
“Someone help,” I whisper hopelessly, knowing that help will be long in coming.
My hands are useless, immobilized by Its deathlike grip.
I struggle, but that only seems to anger It, this dreadful embodiment of vanity and senselessness.

Someone calls my name.

“Where are you?” the voice says.
I am no longer able to answer.
With a burst of strength born of desperation, I lunge for the opening, emerging from the Beast with the sound of tearing behind me.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Party 2008 Pictures

Donna Jo Napoli's The Smile Review by Alexis M.

Elisebetta is supposed to have a party for her thirteenth birthday to hopefully find a suitable husband. A few months before, the death of Lorenzo de’ Medici puts all plans on hold. Her mother decides a while later that people will be in a better mood and will be ready to celebrate. Shortly after though, a horse crash takes her mothers life. In 11 months her father remarries to Caterina, who thinks it is time Elisebetta gets her turn to shine. Through out these events, Elisebetta catches the eye of the great Leonardo Di Vinci. He introduces her to Giuliano de’ Medici who swears his love to her. However, things are changing in Florence and the relationship quickly is distressed.

I absolutely adored this book. To get a point of view of who might have been “Monna Lisa” was very interesting. I didn’t enjoy the end part with Giuliano but it proved her story wasn’t another fairy tale. I highly recommend The Smile and any other of Napoli’s novels.
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Bad Advice Column

Dear Bad Advice,

My boyfriend has a small flatulence problem. And by small, I mean approximately the size of many, many elephants. I have tried slipping Beano into his drinks, but he either decides he's not thirsty, or he sees the pills and thinks there's something wrong with his ice. He's not particularly bright, either. We're working with maybe one watt. Anyway, my question is, how do I stop his...little....flaw?

Sincerely, Sweetfart

Dear Sweetfart,

First of all, "Sweetfart?" Seriously? Dude, you seriously need some help in the witty pseudonym department. As for your boyfriend, might I suggest you try a little "aromatherapy"? Judging be his intelligence and, erm, affliction, he must be really, really cute, or really, really rich. He does not require consciousness to be either of those things. Just fill a bathtub with boiling water, add several boxes of chamomile tea, and wait for the sleepy-time fumes to waft up his presumably hairy nose. If that fails to put him out, make a mixtape filled with soothing lullabies. Lug both the tub and a stereo system with you everytime you go on a date. You won't have to deal with his IQ, or lack thereof. If he happens to be a sleep-flatulator, simply slip several adult diapers onto his unconscious form. No sound or scent will get through that insulation. I would suggest you bring an XXXL pair of pants to slip over said diapers. The only thing more embarrassing than a flatulent date is a diapered one.

Sincerely, Bad Advice