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Monday, November 8, 2010

Destination: Unknown

By TJ R.

Loading… loading… loading… loading process complete. Systems now online. Conducting task assessment: You are: TJ Matrix Location: Dallastown Area High School Items: packed school lunch in plastic grocery bag, an Ultimate Spiderman comic book, a black Nintendo DS, keys to house, chap stick, gum, wallet, headphones for the DS, and thoughts Objectives (must be completed in this order): 1.) go to cafeteria 2.) grab napkins 3.) find empty table to sit at 4.) read book while eating lunch 5.) when finished eating, throw away trash and exit cafeteria 6.) find comfortable place to sit and play DS until it is time to return to class. Allies or acquaintances: None Potential adversaries and enemies: everyone

Theory of super powers

By Isaac M.

Super powers are a broad and widely excepted concept, the theory of them exist to make you want to have them and be a super person. There are a huge assortment of different super powers, but they all come down to about 3 – 5, main categories. Being super by means of the body being physically inclined such as super speed or super strength, super intelligence is being super by means of the mind such as processing information super fast or figuring out task super fast, the third super power category is magical when no one can really explain why they have these powers.