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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jennifer Jabaley's Lipstick Apology: A Review by Sisi P.

I liked the book, but it was a bit unrealistic.

Lipstick Apology is about a girl, Emily Carson, that finds out that her parents have died in the plane crash. But before they died, her mother leaves her a strange message on a plane tray. The message says EMILY PLEASE FORGIVE ME. It was written in her mother's lipstick. Emily doesn't know what it means and neither does anyone else, or do they?

So Emily moves in with her aunt in New York, goes to a new school, makes new popular friends, has the most popular boy and her lab partner chasing after her yet she doesn't feel right. The message her mother left her is bothering her and she has to uncover what it means, but does she really want to know?

Track and Field: A Poem By Nick W.

Track & Field is like a fun sprint
You get to your marks and set
Before you know it’s time to go
Once you’re racing your speed will show

Some people sprint fast and some slow
Somehow they always go.
A sprint is mostly a burst of speed
And for some people that’s all they need

To me a sprint is mostly to exhibit how fast ones
self can really go. It also seems as though based on
the weather who could get to the heat first
Before you start a sprint you have to prepare
Once you’re at the line you should have a care
Because once you start to race
Your biggest concern is if you’re going to place.