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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Teen Advisory Board Members

Aketzalli G.

Hi, my name is Aketzalli and I'm 14. I attend York Catholic High School, and I'm going to play soccer in the spring and so much weird stuff. I do TAB because it's the BEST!

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Austin C.

My name is Austin, I'm 15 and a sophomore at New Hope Charter School. I am going into wrestling and drama.

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Becca L.

I am a student at Central York High School. A well of fabulousness and lover of pudding.

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Calvin M.

Hi all! I'm Calvin, and it's great to be back on TAB. My current activities include: Chemistry (particularly explosives), Radio communication (I'm KB3PRD for fellow hams), Electronics, and other nerd sciences.

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Darro C.

I go to York High school. I am going to be an author when I get older. I play Tennis and I like Ticonderoga Pencils WOO!!!

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Emily I.

I am a sophomore at York Catholic High School. I am in my third year of being Co-President of TAB. I'm 16 years old and attend York Country Day. I love painting and drawing.

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Hi, I'm Gregori, and I like....my bed. And my awesome cousin Aketz!

Isaac M.

Hi, my name is Isaac and I'm cool! Lots of people like me and I have a whole lot of friends. Classic!

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Jesse B.

Hello! My name is Jesse. I spend my free time reading, web-surfing and blogging on 1337 593@K. Please feel free to contact me for more information on reviewed titles.

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John-Michael H.

My name is John-Michael. I like to Rubik's cube. Rubik's-cubing is awesome. I attend New Hope Academy. I'm in the 8th grade.

Luis R.

Hey my name is Luis. I go to William Penn High School and I like to play soccer and chill with my friends.

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Yatzi G.

My name is Yatzi. I am currently Co-President of TAB. I'm 16 years old and attend York Country Day. I play tennis and soccer.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The teen advisory board is a great place to make lasting friendships. The programs are educational and fun, and the people in it will challenge you to do better and better things on a regular basis. By the time you're too old to be in it, you'll be much, much wiser than you were originally.