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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ruveneska: The Scavenge, Chapter 6: Flight

Shuren crawled out of his tent, still drowsy. Shuren could not even see the sun outside when Thegor woke him up. He quickly folded the blankets and took down the metal supports. He put them in a bag and put them into one of Cirles’s hanging pockets. Shuren gathered his remaining items and also loaded them onto Cirles.

Shuren splashed his face with some water. Fully alert and awake now, Shuren grabbed his jug of Pumleberry Juice and drank the last bit of it. There was no breakfast that morning.

Lloyd and Shuren hopped onto Cirles and took flight, this time, behind Rissam. Shuren held onto to Cirles as the Dragon swerved sideways to keep behind Rissam To his right, the black Dragon, Naran, did the same.

Guitar Hero Tournament 2010 Pictures

Check out these pictures from our Guitar Hero Tournament.

Poem: Goblin

by Anthony W.

Mull it over in ten more years
I’ll answer your deepest fears.
For what reason to seek me out
In this eternal drought?
A trip of pleasure I assume?
Young fools, surely you jest
For me to follow your command.
I’ll let that one slide for I have plans
I grant your wishes in high demand.
A soul or a limb,
The second I recommend.
Your precious things I collect
I hope you get without regret.
I’ll collect you yet!
In ten years or so
Come one, come all,
I’ll take your soul.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ruveneska: The Scavenge, Chapter 5: Dragons

by Darro C.

There was a large crowd in the Grand Hall. Apparently, they were all there to say goodbye to Shuren and his group. Shuren made his way through the pack of nearly crying Zelzes to where Thegor, Blayger, Karoline, Rollan and Lloyd stood with all of their bags. Shuren walked over and stood with them. They were standing on the edge of the Grand Hall between two pillars.

Shuren then realized that they were not the only groups there. All along the side the edge of the Grand Hall stood other groups who were also departing. Everyone, including people in the crowd, had their bags packed and ready. Shuren now felt sorrow, he hated goodbyes.

Book Review: Winter of Our Discontent (John Steinbeck) "Winners and Loser in the Game of Life"

by Zach M.

In 1934, in the midst of the Great Depression, an unemployed Charles B. Darrow developed the board game Monopoly. Upon release, the game was an instant hit. In the interim, Monopoly became an American Icon –according to Hasbro, the owner of the rights to the game, it is the “best-selling board game in the world” and a “phenomenal pastime.” Born during a period of economic strife, Monopoly has lured generations with its promise of riches, however imaginary. With prudent management of assets, aggressive competition with fellow players, and, above all, luck, anyone may be elevated to the status of the beloved Mr. Moneybags. Other players are overcome as a consequence of victory—game theorists call this zero-sum; all players have consented to the risk in the pursuit of said victory. Still, what are the consequences of a zero-sum worldview? In The Winter of Our Discontent, John Steinbeck meditates on winners and losers, the interplay between both in the “game” of life, and, ultimately, the lengths to which some men are willing to go to ensure that they find themselves standing proudly on the winners stand, along with the repercussions of those actions.

Essay: Colors

by Isaac M.

Everyone in the world has a favorite color. Whether it's being blue, black, green, white, yellow, or orange etc. everyone has a color that appeals to them most. I personally like brown. New polls say that the world average favorite color is “Blue.” I don’t really like blue though.

Colors can change things about you in many ways. Like you need yellow in your life but if you were locked in a room where you saw nothing but yellow you would go crazy in a matter of days. When red, blue, and yellow were on a spinning wheel and spun it would create the illusion that the spinning wheel is white.

What are colors? Colors are the reflection of light that a pigment dose not absorbed. Meaning when light hits a yellow piece of paper that is yellow the yellow pigment would absorb all of the light on the electromagnetic spectrum except yellow. The yellow light waves bounce off and into our eye’s letting you see the color yellow.

Now that you know a little more about color you should go out and look around, see what colors you find.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Group Photo

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Movie Review: Repo!

by Becca L.

I’m sure those of you who heard of it were all very excited when Repo! came to DVD. Knowing that “rock opera” is the socially acceptable way of saying “musical”, I could hardly contain myself. Sure, it has Paris Hilton in it, but it also has Sarah Brightman, and she wouldn’t do anything that bad, would she? And it’s the “Genetic Opera”, that’s gotta be fun! It was not.

Book Review: Carter Finally Gets It (Brent Crawford)

by Darro C.

Carter Finally Gets It is a teenage fiction about a boy named Carter trying to survive his first year of High School. He suffers through things that all teenagers do at his age such as girls, sports, drama, gossip and embarrassment. Carter tries to kick things off with a good start, literally. He becomes the school’s varsity football kicker and achieves a rival at it. He goes out with a girl only to become heartbroken. After a series of crazy events, parties, police chases, football season and swimming season, Carter finds the one thing that he never expected; himself.

This novel is a novel that young teens can enjoy and relate to. They will welcome Carter with open arms and a sense of humor. I definitely recommend Carter Finally Gets It, by Brent Crawford, as a Teen Read.

Poem: Night

by Anthony W

Flow freely tears of joy;
Now of all times have come,
To sit and reach at the stars above.
All the nights we speak of this
A night so clean and crisp,
Wind so gently on our lips.
Then repose to silent sleep
Under the moon we creep.