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Monday, November 8, 2010

Theory of super powers

By Isaac M.

Super powers are a broad and widely excepted concept, the theory of them exist to make you want to have them and be a super person. There are a huge assortment of different super powers, but they all come down to about 3 – 5, main categories. Being super by means of the body being physically inclined such as super speed or super strength, super intelligence is being super by means of the mind such as processing information super fast or figuring out task super fast, the third super power category is magical when no one can really explain why they have these powers.

There are two other category of super power which is basically ninja’s and a world where anyone and everyone can have super powers. This world is very rarely seen in comics or even main stream stories. In these 3 – 5 categories there are literally thousands of different kinds of powers. Such as teleportation, super speed, super strength, energy blast, air control, fire control, rock/earth control, water control, electricity control, and others. That’s the world of super powers what they are and the different kinds of them. Hope you learned something!

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