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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review: Dark Cloud

Once I had a game called Dark Cloud as a matter of fact I still do,well I started playing this game for a While and trust me this game was like really hard super hard but you know what I hated the most,no well ill tell you.Ok so the sword you have on dark cloud it has a limit if you well Actually you have Multiple Swords in this game its like an Rpg kinda game……. Ya im a nerd kinda well Anyway if you fight for to long with out Repairing it, it breaks and Personally I think that really sucks cat nip like seriously why and the dude your playing as he gets thirsty all the time so you have to bring food&water with you Every freakin where which is stupid as crap hes like a Wimp like Seriously oh im off topic well I really did just want to talk about the swords lol…. Well that’s really all ok then :D am I Aloud to put a Smiley face there I hope I am to late now lol.

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