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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

By Karina G.

This is about a group of six flying-human kids that are trying to save their youngest flock member. Max is the leader and is fourteen; Fang is the second in command and is also fourteen; then comes Iggy who also is fourteen and is blind but has a sensitive hearing and sense of touch; Nudge comes next. She is from an African descent and is a nonstop 12-year old chatter mouth; she can also decode passwords to computers and things that have passwords. After Nudge is The Gasman. He is eight and is known for his name since he was born with a strange digestive problem. He and Iggy are best friends; they can make bombs out of almost anything! After The Gasman finally comes Angel. Angel is six and she and The Gasman are the only true-blooded siblings out of the whole flock. She can read minds, control minds, and breath underwater.

The book starts off with the flock and their flashbacks of their, what they considered, “father” who had saved them from “The School” which really isn’t a school but a place where they did [harsh] experiments to do research and their “father”, Jeb Batchelder, had saved them from and took them to a far away house and then disappeared for 2 years. During those 2 years they thought he was dead and have been living on their own. But one day when the flock is out berry picking a group of erasers (half man –half wolf) attack the flock and take Angel and leave everyone else alive. The flock is in the search for her. On their way, Max can’t help but to fly down and help a girl who is being harassed by two men. Max beats the crap out of them since she is inhumanly strong and tells the girl, Ella, to run. The bad news is that the guys have a gun and Max isn’t bullet-proof, so she runs into the forest and they shoot her also damaging her wing. She stumbles and falls and the guys don’t find her and leave. It starts pouring rain and she can’t fly to catch up to the flock but she encounters Ella again, she and her mom take her in and they see her wings but don’t freak out. Dr. Martinez is a vet and helps Max but she stays for 3 days to recover and then leaves to go catch up to her flock;. Angel is taken to the school and is going under extremely painful testing preformed by the white coats; she then takes in shocking news: Jeb is alive and working for the school! Later on the flock gets her out and then escape. While they are fleeing/hiding in New York from the white coats they are revealed and all over newspapers and by coincidence and luck are given free makeovers by TV people on the streets of NY and their identities are changed. But then the whole flock is captured but they all end up escaping. Also throughout the book Fang and Max end up feeling differently towards each other but Max is too afraid to admit it. Max also develops a strange voice in her head that is telling her that her mission is to save the world.

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