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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Article: Worst Team Ever

By Gregori G.

When I was only in fourth grade, my dad put me on a soccer team. There was a problem with putting me on a soccer team. I didn’t know how to play. The first I game I played with the team, we lost. I had no idea what I was doing on the field. I didn’t even touch the ball one time during the entire game. That wasn’t the worst game I had. The worst game I ever had was when I had just got on the field and then all of a sudden I turn around and the ball hits me in the face. I didn’t do anything, not even cry. The worst part of me getting hit in the face with the ball is that my dad’s entire soccer team was there. That was really embarrassing. My dad says that I cried when the ball hit me, but the truth is I really didn’t cry.

Later on I never returned to that team because they weren’t any good. In the middle of fifth grade my dad put me on another team called the Big Green. This team wasn’t as bad as the other one. We actually won some games and I knew what I was doing this time. Then once we got older we started to win all our games and we became undefeated for four seasons in a row. I stopped playing outside and started playing indoor soccer with them. Indoor soccer wasn’t the best thing for us.

Big Green didn’t have an indoor team for the winter that was coming, so I joined Red Lion because they asked me to join. The first game we played, we lost. I didn’t feel so bad because it was only our first game, but after two more games, I knew this team was no good. Since the team didn’t really know how to play so well, I figured I could use those games as practice. I’m still playing with Red Lion just for indoor, but once spring soccer starts I’m going back to Big Green.

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