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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Review: Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony is a brand-new PSP remake of the classic Sega CD game Lunar: The Silver Star, one of the most famous JRPGs of all time. It expands upon the story of its predecessor, including the addition of a prologue chronicling the final battle of Dragonmaster Dyne. Random monster encounters have also been replaced with sprites that can be avoided (on occasion) if the party is low on health. All cutscenes have been remastered, along with the soundtrack.

The game follows the story of young Alex, a boy destined to become a Dragonmaster like his hero, Dyne. He is joined on his quest by his adopted sister Luna. In a nearly incestual turn of events, a romance plays out between the adopted siblings. Don't let this turn you off, though; it's a very cute, yet passionate romance. Soon enough, Alex (along with a few companions) is fighting the evil Magic Emperor, who has set out to imprison the dragons and dethrone Goddess Althena. The storyline, while fairly linear, is quite deep.

The gameplay is fun and addictive, but as with many RPGs, it gets repetitive. The old-fashioned cutscenes, despite being remastered, fail to take full advantage of the PSP's widescreen display. The soundtrack, on the other hand, is absolutely amazing. In fact, for those of you aren't PSP Go owners, you can buy the special edition version of the game for $10 more and receive the OST as a bonus! Overall, Lunar is an excellent game, as long as you're not looking for something that retains its glory upon successive playthroughs, and at only $30, it's a steal.

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